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booking THE BOOKING.COM SITE Review is an official website where travelers get researched information on their destinations especially on hotels, booking logolodging and accommodation. The site can be used to book hotels freely worldwide with the best price guarantee. They offer 24/7 customer care services providing information on the most popular hotels, the best reviewed hotels giving instant information. Is an official website where travelers get researched information on their destinations especially on hotels, lodging and accommodation.


It is one of the best websites since it provides most of the information needed by travelers and help in bookings in the simplest way possible. They offer better deals and are very helpful to their clients.

Compiling all the information you need in one place; Compared to other websites, this one is delightful. Everything one needs to know about the hotel to be considered is right here. One can easily check the location in the city, see pictures, see Accomodation Sitehow others feel about the services and get a feel of what they expect.

It is very helpful to last minute planners; it quickly filters out hotels that don’t have availability whenever needed, tells how many rooms are available which enables one to act first to book one of the last rooms for the dates needed.

Clean families run hotels; they have very friendly and clean family run hotels which give visitors a very good environment to stay.


It is a disappointment to many; Most of their hotels are not up to the game and give very poor services. Some clients complain of the poor timings during the pick-up hours, poor quality services in terms of bedding among others.

Poor customer services; Sometimes there is delayed or no feedback at all to their customer complaints. They also give false information by quoting different prices to their charges. This is very wrong and need to be looked at as soon as possible.

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Overpricing; they sometimes overcharge clients and claim it to be on damages which is never communicated on time. The client claims are never taken in to considerations especially when they demand their money back.

Poor services offered; sometimes wrong bookings done to clients or wrong information given which are later blamed on them. Some clients complain of being charged rooms before even arriving there, meaning cancellation of a once booked room is not easy.

False confirmation; another client says confirmation email is sometimes useless as another email might follow it a day later saying the booking was not confirmed.

Other sites like, TripAdvisor, and Google describe these hotel places more honestly as compared to this site. Look at the review and you will see a lot of customer complaints. I would not recommend this site for now; they should address these issues first.

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